Ladies in Northern Arena Gym

Gym and Group Fitness Testimonials

Check out below what some of our members have to say about us and our facility. 

“The temp in the large pool is very good for training.”

“Love it! What an amazing facility that we are so proud to belong to.”

“Overall you are the best, in terms of service, facilities and all; we have dealt with in NZ.”

“Great facility! Classes fantastic and very motivating. Staff always very happy and helpful.”

“Loving the sessions and my body has got over the first week of agony and now getting right into it, no looking back. Finally got under the 100kg mark too, so I’m stoked.  Awesome trainers!”

“I’m loving the gym and have so far lost 3kgs so I’m happy with my progress.  One thing I’d like to mention is how fantastically friendly the staff are – I’ve never experienced anything like it and how they know my name when I walk in is awesome.”

“The people at NA it makes it a special place to come and sweat it out.”

“The staff are welcoming, the instructors are awesome, luv this place!”

“I think the reception staff’s efforts to remember people’s names are awesome and a definite plus in forming relationships with the members and making the members feel welcome.”

“Great Group Fitness – Instructors are all awesome”

“My personal trainer listens, is flexible, knowledgeable. Exactly what I look for.”

“I love your facility and the staff. I can’t speak highly enough of it and am so grateful that the Northern arena was built. It has made my life that little bit better. Thank you so much.”

“Well what can I say,  Thank you, thank you, thank you.   I cannot believe how far I have come in my swimming in one year.  It is thanks to you not only encouraging me but providing some laughs, goals and just plainly fantastic swim fit programmes.  I couldn’t believe that I could actually swim the Auckland Harbour Crossing but very embarrassing did it without a sweat and scrapped in on that one hour.”
A. Finnegan

“GRIT class= pure discomfort + mental toughness + breathless state PRODUCES a person to feel like they are making a CHANGE for the better in their body and is left feeling ALIVE! Thank you.”

“Love the fact that there is someone there [Swim Fit] pushing me even for my level.”

“Your staff should be congratulated as they are always very up beat (even at 5am!) and the vibe at the gym is professional and fitness orientated, not in a detached, uber OTT fitness freak way either, instead it is really welcoming, CLEAN with a genuine, warm inclusive feel.”

“Great friendly helpful staff, great facilities and great atmosphere.”

“I love how over the year a real community atmosphere has begun to evolve at the arena. It is so welcoming to hear staff welcoming people by their names and creating a sense of warmth and belonging. I also love seeing the staff having time to work out at the gym; it is motivating and shows their commitment to fitness.”