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We are so excited about getting you in the water for the first time at Northern Arena.


Please watch this quick video to find out all you need to know and what to bring to enjoy the experience of your first swimming lesson hassle free.

Check in Procedure

Before each lesson, you will need to report to reception, swipe your card and collect a blue card to give to your teacher. If you have yet to receive a check-in card, please see reception prior to your first visit to ensure a quick check-in process on the first day.

Our Facility

At Northern Arena the air temperature is kept warm for your comfort however, please make sure you wrap up warm when leaving the facility. The pool temperature is heated for comfort and the water is treated using ultra violet light. This allows us to keep the chlorine levels exceptionally low, reducing the risk of skin irritation. There are three family change rooms which all include a shower, toilet and a nappy change table as well as seperate male and female change rooms. Extra showers are on deck and extra toilets are identified by the tap symbol.


Please arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes prior to the commencement of your lessons to park and be ready to enter the pool.


Please park pushchairs in a space where there is no seating so they do not block the deck, emergency exits or the seating area.

Swimwear for Infants

In order to minimise accidents in the pool, we highly recommend the following for babies and pre-schoolers:
1. Tight-legged reusable nappies (These can be found at Northern Arena from 5kg and up)
2. Any disposable nappies to be accompanied by tight-legged swimwear
We have reusable swim nappies on sale in-store.

Baby Feeding

Please do not feed your child within one hour of your lesson commencing as this greatly reduces the chance of spillage during the class. Please feel free to feed your child after the swim lesson while you relax in our cafe with a snack, water, juice or coffee. We have several high chairs available for those babies who do not fall asleep. Should your child suffer a bout of diarrhoea at any stage during the term we recommend that they do not swim for two weeks.

Change Tables

There are three family change rooms which all include a shower, toilet and a nappy change table. There are also six additional nappy change tables in each of the male and female change rooms. Extra showers are on deck and extra toilets are identified by the tap symbol.

Pool Entry for Infants

Your teacher will show you the safe entries into and exits out of the pool, therefore please wait for your teachers instructions before entering the pool. During the class, teachers will demonstrate a variety of safe ways to hold your child in the water – it is important to support young babies’ heads whilst swimming, as you would at any other time during their first few weeks. All parent and child lessons require an adult to be in the water with the child. Please ensure you bring your own togs and towel as well.

What to bring

For babies caps and goggles are not compulsory, however swim caps are compulsory in pre-school lessons upwards and we also recommend goggles. For this reason, we suggest Super Tots start getting used to wearing caps and goggles. You'll need: Your swipe card Swimming togs Swimming cap and goggles Towel Warm clothing for afterwards Parent and Child Lessons: As the name suggests, a parent will be in the water as well, so you will need your own togs and towel. Make sure the baby has a feed about an hour before the lesson Babies will need a swim nappy and tight legged togs


With so many people receiving lessons, parking can be a squeeze at peak times. Please allow extra time, especially for the first lesson. You may park in the curved area near the entrance if available.

Swim School Absences

Is your child going to miss a lesson? Please complete this quick form so we can mark your child as absent for their next lesson.

Please note: You are allowed one makeup lesson per term, subject to availability. Please refer to our makeup policy for more.


For prolonged absence please refer to our suspension policy.


Swim School Payments

The payment of your swimming lesson fees are by making regular monthly payments by direct debit from either a credit card or nominated bank account. 


Our direct debit payment option mitigates human error, enables changes in fees throughout the term due to moving levels or additional lessons to be processed with ease.


You will also retain your perpetual booking place until you decide to cancel.


Makeup Policy

Northern Arena offers 1 makeup session per participant per Swim School Term for unforeseeable reasons such as illness or injury.


This makeup lesson is free of charge, you will not be charged extra.


Makeup swimming lessons can be booked no more than 2 days in advance and must be taken within the same term.


Makeups are subject to availability of a space in a class of the same level.


To book a makeup lesson please call our friendly reception team on 09 421 9700


Swim School Lesson Suspension

We know that sometimes situations pop up and you need to put your swimming lessons on hold for a few weeks.

Swim School Lessons can be suspended for a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 4 weeks whilst retaining your place in the swimming class until you return.

So if you don’t want to lose your place, suspend your lessons now.


Please note: A suspension fee of $5 applies, per lesson per student instead of your usual lesson price.


Cancelling Swim School Lessons

Our lessons are perpetual; meaning that you are automatically booked into the same, ongoing time slot, thus saving you the hassle of having to rebook each term.

If you wish to cancel either your, or your child/children’s swimming lessons, we require 3 weeks’ notice in order to cancel your payments. (Please note: that 3 weeks’ notice is required if you do not wish to continue lessons in the following quarter).


Exceptional Circumstances 
Under the following exceptional circumstances the 3 week notification of cancellation requirement will be waived:

a. The participant becomes sick or is incapacitated and a medical certificate is provided

b. You are judged bankrupt by a New Zealand Court prior to cancelling.


We will require appropriate evidence.

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