Swimming lessons set by ability not age

Learn To Swim At Northern Arena

Learning to swim at Northern Arena learn to swim school couldn’t be easier with swimming lessons from 3-month-old babies to adult improver classes.

All swimming lessons at Northern Arena are taught by highly trained and accomplished swimming instructors in purpose-built swimming pools and are specifically designed to enhance your child’s enjoyment, confidence, development, and safety in and around water.


Classes are kept small in size to enable more swimming time and individual tuition for your child.


All swimming Lessons are set by ability rather than by age, in classes that constantly challenge development and progression using the most up to date techniques.

The progressive swimming model allows your child to move to the next level as soon as they have attained the required criteria and our booking system is designed to make your life as easy as possible.

Northern Arena swimming classes run all year round and range in duration from 30 – 60 minutes.

Before you, or your child, becomes a swim school member, we need to assess your child with a short 5-10 minute swim assessment to ensure they begin swimming at the correct level.

Babies floating in pool rings

Baby Swimming Lessons

Water Babies | Advanced Water Babies  ​

Age: Babies aged 2-6 months

Cost: Free (Sponsored by Manuka Dr. Skin Care)
Lesson Length: 30 minutes

Students per class: Max 9

Making a splash in swimming lessons with your baby is an exciting, enriching experience for everyone involved. 


There are heaps of reasons to get your baby into swimming lessons early. Thanks to our amazing sponsor, Manuka Doctor Skin Care there are even more! For babies under 6 months, at Northern Arena swimming lessons are FREE!

Babies can start lessons from 2 months of age. To be eligible for this incredible initiative, the baby must be aged 2-6 months.


Babies love the water – there’s no better time to start.

Toddler Swimming Lessons

Advanced Water Babies | Aqua Tots | Super Tots 1, 2 and 3 | Paua Tots

Age: Babies aged 6-36 months

Cost: $16.50 per class

Lesson Length: 30 minutes
Students per class: Max 9

Give your child the greatest start to life in the water you can with parent and child baby/toddler swimming classes.

The Northern Arena baby and baby/ toddler swimming lessons focus on getting your baby comfortable in the water and teaching them basic co-ordination as well as early awareness and survival skills. 

These parent and child swimming lessons are a great opportunity to strengthen gross & fine motor skills, enhance coordination & balance, provide positive encouragement, help develop social skills, improve cognitive development and because you’re in the pool with them, it’s a great bonding experience for *you and your child.

Once your baby learns to love being in the water, they’re in a great position to begin to learn to swim.

*Caregiver must be a minimum of 16 years of age.

Baby holding onto the side of the pool
Child kicking with kick board and noodle wearing cap and goggles

Pre-School Swimming Lesson

Paua | Tadpoles | Minnows | Guppies

Age: Kids aged 3-5 years

Cost: $19.50 per class
Lesson Length: 30 minutes

Students per class: Max 4

By three and four years old, your toddler is itching to get out and swim on their own – it’s remarkable how quickly their co-ordination and confidence grows.


Pre-school/Toddler's swimming classes focus on basic water skills, safety, and growing their enjoyment of the water.  Your child needs to develop these key life skills at an early age to enable them to remain safer in and around water.

Swim classes at this age range are kept to a low student/teacher ratio to enable more swimming time and individual tuition for your child. 

Set by ability rather than by age, a swim assessment is required to start them off at the correct level. Your child will move to the next level as soon as they have attained the required criteria. The purpose-built learn to swimming pools and program structure, aid development, and progression through the levels.

These swim classes are available 7 days a week and run all year round.

School-Age Swimming Lessons

Penguins | Herrings | Sprats | Tarakihi | Eels

Lesson Length: 30 minutes

Students per class: Max 7

Cost: $19.50 per class

Super Snapper | Fur Seals | Wicked Whitebait
| Hot Kahawai | Hector Dolphins | Manta Rays

Lesson Length: 45 minutes

Students per class: Max 9

Cost: $19.50 per class

Non-Competitive Stream - Sharks | Orca |  Senior Talent 

Lesson Length: 60 minutes

Cost: $19.50 per class

Competitive Stream:


Lesson Length: 60 minutes

Cost: $19.50 per class


Lesson Length: 
Minimum 2x60 minutes lessons per week 

Cost: $127 per month

Once the kids are at school, their swimming skills begin to develop very quickly indeed. Swimming lessons at this age continue to focus on water safety, building water confidence, and developing a sound technical swimming base of the four different strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly) - whilst having fun. 

Set by ability rather than by age, a swim assessment is required to start them off at the correct level. Your child will move to the next level as soon as they have attained the required criteria. The purpose-built learn to swimming pools and program structure aid development and progression through the levels.

These swim classes are available 7 days a week and run all year round.


Boy kicking with kick board wearing cap and goggles
Girl about to dive in to the pool off a diving block

Talent ID

Advanced Swimming Lessons

Age: Children aged 5+ years

Lesson Length: 3 x 60 minute lesson per week

Cost: $160 per month

In Talent ID your child will swim 3 times per week (including during the school holidays). Talent ID is a transitional swim level between the swim school and competitive swimming. This level focuses on giving your child the opportunity to continue learning the skills required at the swim club level while developing a consistent technique and experiencing a competitive swimming environment. 


This is the ideal preparation for competing in all aquatic sports and school swimming sports.

Adult Swimming Lessons

Beginner | Intermediate

Age: 18+ years

Cost: $19.50 per lesson

Lesson Length: 45 minutes

Students per Class: Max 7

Are you one of those adults who yearns to swim with confidence but never really mastered it? Or never learned at all? We’re the place for you.


It’s never too late to improve your swimming skills. Our adult learn to swim classes are designed to teach you all the technical elements of swimming that you might have missed.


Adult Swim classes are kept to no more than a ratio of 1:7  to enable more swimming time and superior tuition for you. Whatever your ability we have a class specifically for you.  These swimming classes run all year round and are 45 minutes.

It’s never too late to learn to swim.

Swimming coach demonstrating swimming breathing position
Two children kicking with foam mat in disabed lessons

Disabled Kids Programme

Age: School Age

Lesson Options: 1-1 lessons, low ratio classes (only available in school hours), mainstream classes, disability squad training (Saturday only)

Northern Arena learn to swim school believes all children should be given the opportunity to learn to swim and be safer in the water.


Our philosophy is to mainstream disabled children where this is possible. We extend all children so they reach their potential and believe anything is possible if you persevere.


At Northern Arena, our swim teachers have been trained in the No Exceptions Training programme from the Halberg Trust and we treat all our children as potential swimmers.

Northern Arena Director, Mark Saunders instigated the “Teaching Disabled Swimmers” teacher training course for Swimming New Zealand. Many of our swim teachers are now trained in teaching disabled swimming including autism, Aspergers, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Cancer, ADD, ADDHD, Angelman's syndrome, and visual and hearing impairment.


Suggested funding ideas:


Private Swimming Lessons

All Levels | All ages


$55 per 30 minute lesson

$99 per 60 minute lesson

Northern Arena has private swimming lessons no matter your age and/or ability. Available at various times and days to suit you and your needs.  Private swimming lessons are conducted by highly trained, accomplished and passionate swim teachers. 


Please pop in and see us or contact us to discuss your needs and requirements.

Dean Kent teaching backstroke to child
Children kicking on side of the pool

Holiday Programme

All levels aged 3+ years

Age: Children aged 3+ years

Cost: $97.50

Lesson Length: 30/45 minute lessons
(1 lesson per day for 5 days Monday-Friday)

The Northern Arena week-long intensive learn to swim school holiday provides your child with the perfect opportunity to improve, enhance, or kick start a key life skill.

Children learn by repetition. While ongoing lessons are important to improve a skill throughout the year, an intensive programme can give a child a quick start to learning a key life skill. Reinforcing these skills on consecutive days helps children learn faster, gain more confidence and improve their fitness levels.

The Northern Arena intensive learn to swim holiday programme, at New Zealand’s Swim School of the Year, consists of a lesson a day for 5 days (Monday-Friday). We teach all aspects of swimming in order to enhance enjoyment and confidence in the water, as well as the skills to survive. 


Coast Swim Club

Northern Arena is very proud to be associated with Coast Swimming Club. Coast Swim Club is a competitive swim club with highly qualified and experienced coaches motivating swimmers to succeed. The alliance between Northern Arena and Coast Swimming Club means that all swimmers that learn to swim at Northern Arena can seamlessly progress through to training with Coast swimming club.

This means that under Northern Arena’s roof a child can learn from 2 months and swim up to the their late teens.


Competing under the Coast banner means that your child will be part of a top ten NZ swim club and constantly challenging themselves and their abilities. It is also a chance to show what all their hard work at training is achieving.

Helena Gasson swimming butterfly for Coast Swim Club

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