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Find Your Motivation and Get Results with Myzone


Track your results, connect with other members, get live feedback, record your workouts with a Myzone wearable fitness tracking device designed to ensure your effort is rewarded. Wearing your belt during all activity, inside and outside of Northern Arena, helps you stay on track to get the results you want.

MYZONE’s MZ-3 physical activity belt - a Bluetooth enabled, heart-rate based effort tracking device at Northern Arena. The MZ-3 provides you with immediate, motivating feedback on all of your physical activity by displaying your exercise progress and history via the free MYZONE app and live via the in studio screens and on your phone. 

MYZONE Switch - The world's first interchangeable exercise tracker for the gym, outdoors or in water. Monitor your heart rate on your chest, arm or wrist. Three times the motivation and three times the fun, with a light indicator and built-in memory so you can see your zone without a phone, and up to six months battery life on one charge.

The MZ-3
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Features and Benefits

See your calories, heart rate, and effort in real-time with easy to follow colours


Connect to 3rd party equipment & smartphone apps for maximum versatility


Achieve Myzone status ranking based on effort not fitness


Benefit from accurate calorie burn feedback during all of your exercise routines


View your training effort via a personalised free app, online account and live via the in studio screens


Set goals, connect with friends and motivate each other through a personalized social feed.