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Track your results, connect with other members, get live feedback, record your workouts with a Myzone wearable fitness tracking device designed to ensure your effort is rewarded. Wearing your belt during all activity, inside and outside of Northern Arena, helps you stay on track to get the results you want.

MYZONE’s new MZ-3 physical activity belt - a Bluetooth enabled, heart-rate based effort tracking device at Northern Arena. The MZ-3 provides you with immediate, motivating feedback on all of your physical activity by displaying your exercise progress and history via the free MYZONE app and live via the in studio screen in the F2 and RPM studio's. 


See your calories, heart rate, and effort in real-time with easy to follow colours

Connect to 3rd party equipment & smartphone apps for maximum versatility

Achieve Myzone status ranking based on effort not fitness

Benefit from accurate calorie burn feedback during all of your exercise routines

View your training effort via a personalised free app, online account and live via the in studio screens

Set goals, connect with friends and motivate each other through a personalized social feed. 

Store up to 16 hours of activity data.

Automatic email feedback on all of your exercise, motivates you to stay on track

Stay accountable to your health targets with our simple goal setting

Measuring effort, levels the playing field and enables you to participate in challenges against yourself or friends

Features and Benefits

What is Myzone?

Maximise your results

Myzone is an innovative wearable heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity with real-time feedback. Myzone delivers a fully connected solution for anyone who wants an accurate (equiv. to an EKG at 99.4%), gamified and motivating wearable experience. Myzone monitors heart rate, calories, intensity and time exercising using five simple color-coded personalized zones that convert into Myzone Effort Points (MEPs), with a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness.


The Myzone app offers engagement and motivation. With built-in challenges, personal goals, gamification, commenting and sharing workouts through social media, you will be motivated to sustain physical activity.

Even if you enjoy using popular GPS tracking apps such as Strava, or using your own Bluetooth/Ant+ enabled devices, such as the Apple Watch or a Garmin bike computer the MZ-3 and MYZONE app were built with versatility in mind so your heart rate data can be viewed through these platforms as well.


Myzone verses Wrist Trackers

The Myzone belt, app and unique point system measure what actually matters for gym goers: Exercise effort


Wrist trackers don't reward all your activity: During a push up, the wrist doesn’t ‘move’ and the ‘steps’ are not counted. Burpees, pull ups, lunges, box jumps, cycling, boxing and yoga are among the activities that wrist trackers aren’t able to properly reward.


Wrist tracker prioritise irrelevant data: General movement and sleep pattern data are prioritized by wrist trackers, but provide no relevant measurement or insight to your actual exercise habits.


Wrist-based heart ratedetectors are innacurate: Brands that use this technology state on their websites that the devices lose accuracy if you are moving in a non-rhythmical manner, clenching your fist or moving your wrist.

Could You Be Giving 25% More?

Fact: Gym goers who track their workouts exert 25% more effort than those who don’t. 

Many of life’s outcomes are determined by how much effort you dedicate to them. The same is true for health and fitness. Are you truly trying your best? If you aren’t sure, Myzone can help you find out. By measuring how hard your heart is working, you can find the intensity that helps you work toward your goals.


Has Your Regimen Lost its Edge?

Get some motivation from Myzone. We get it. You’ve been trying your hardest to eat clean and exercise several times a week but you still haven’t seen the results you want. But are you really trying your best? By tracking your activity, you can confirm whether you are putting in enough effort or if you can give a little more. No more guessing. Myzone uses your heart rate to determine your effort level and helps you adjust your workout according to the results you want to achieve.

Break Your Records

Do you remember the last time you reached a new personal best? Whether it be most calories burned or most MEPs earned per session, Myzone can help you achieve more. The robust analytics dashboard on your Myzone account helps you take note of your progress and set new personal goals. Set a new goal today! 


Get In Touch

Pop in, drop us an email, give us a call or simply complete a web form, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We can't wait to hear from you and answer any questions.





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Stay Motivated By Challenging Your Friends

Do your workout buddies keep ditching you at the gym? Whip them back into shape with Myzone! 

By keeping track of how many calories you're burning per session, you can challenge them to keep up with you and maybe get some friendly competition going. Myzone also uses badges and status levels to reward you for your effort, which you can also share to your social media profiles. Order your Myzone physical activity belt today!

Do Fitness Trends Even Work?

While it can be so easy to jump on the bandwagon to do the newest and hottest thing in fitness, you should be aware that they may not always deliver the results they profusely promise. 

By tracking your activity, you can confirm whether you are putting in enough effort or if you can give a little more. No more guessing. Myzone uses your heart rate to determine your effort level and helps you adjust your workout according to the results you want to achieve.

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