Our Swimming Pools

7 lane 25m learners swimming pool

Pools – Designed and Built by Swimmer's

Northern Arena, Auckland, has four cutting edge swimming pools purpose built for learning to swim.  All four of our swimming pools aid swimmers progress and complement our swimming classes.  They are indoor and heated in a safe and warm environment so that everyone from babies to adults remain comfortable.

Our swimming pools, crafted in Italy, were designed and built by swimmer’s with learning to swim and swim training in mind.

Low levels of chlorine – All of our swimming pools are treated by ultra violet light in a manner similar to the way drinking water is treated which allows for extremely low levels of chlorine to a minute 0.01% (typical pools are 0.7%). This is much easier on your skin and hair and you will hardly notice any chlorine smell in the air or on your body after swimming in our pools.

Spacious and Easy Access – People with disabilities are catered for with our spacious changing rooms, showers and pools set flush with the floor for easy access.

Shallow depths – The swimming pools are relatively shallow ranging from 0.7-1.1 metres enhancing the safety for learners of all ages.  This progressive depth design aids and complements the learning experience.

Integrated learning aids and spongy floors – The beginner breather swimming pool and the child and caregivers swimming pool, for toddler and baby swimming, have a slightly warmer temperature so everyone remains warm and comfortable. These swimming pools also have extra spongy floors, integrated step/seat and integrated learning aids to support teaching.

8-lane swimming pool– Our 8-lane training swimming pool is under the same roof, but is housed separately. It is slightly cooler for better swim training and is equipped with dive blocks for race starts and diving practise. The 8-lane swimming pool is the home of Coast Swimming Club and comes with its own high tech sound system and additional seating. This makes it a unique, private environment for school swimming galas and water safety programmes.

In order to maintain high levels of cleanliness, swimming caps are compulsory.  The only exception to this rule is babies.  We have a variety of swimming caps on sale in our Speedo shop, both online and onsite.