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1km is the key to safer swimming


Unlock Safer Swimming

Most of the drownings that occur in New Zealand involve people who are within 50m of a shoreline. 


We at Northern Arena believe that swimming 1km competently in a pool is approximately comparable to swimming 200m in moving water. Which is why we firmly feel that swimming 1km is not a challenge, it’s necessary if you want your family to be safer in the water.

We know Northern Arena hour squad swimmers can swim 1km in the pool without stopping because we’ve put them to the test, so by choosing to learn to swim and unlocking 1km in a pool and getting through to our hour squads you are arming your family with the skills, strength, technique and confidence to give them the best possible chance to survive.


Being able to achieve 1km in the pool means that your kids will have a stronger platform and proficiency to be able to enjoy swimming and any other water sport they choose to do. Because water sports should be fun, not a battle to keep your head above water.

Unlock 1km in a pool and make the water a playground for your family.  

Take The Plunge

Joining Northern Arena’s award winning learn to swim school couldn’t be easier.

Northern Arena’s learn to swim classes are set by ability rather than age, which is why we assess every child’s ability to ensure they begin swimming at the correct level within the swim school programme. 

Children aged 3-5 years

Max 7 students per class
$30 minute lesson

Children aged 5+ years

Max 7 students per class
30/45/60 minute lesson

Unlock Safer Swimming

The Swimming Pools

Designed and built by swimmer’s

Northern Arena, Auckland, has four cutting edge swimming pools purpose built for learning to swim.  All four of our swimming pools

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