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Les Mills Dance

LES MILLS DANCE™ is a high-energy workout that will reinvent the way you move and sweat! 45-minutes, 10 stand-alone tracks, inspired by global dance genres and designed by dancers.

Les Mills Dance

Each class has innovative dance movements that work cohesively with music inspired from a wide variety of dance genres.

LES MILLS DANCE is simple to master and a great option for those who want to improve their dance skills while getting fit — or for anyone who loves to dance.

Created by professional dancers, LES MILLS DANCE has been designed to provide an authentic dance experience. Expect fresh music, new moves, and an incredibly energetic workout that will help you to keep growing and evolving in the craft of dance.

Is LES MILLS DANCE for beginners?

Absolutely! LES MILLS DANCE is perfect for anyone who loves the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual empowerment of dance and wants a cardio-based dance workout that will challenge and move them.

Is LES MILLS DANCE high intensity?

Yes! This is a moderate-to-high intensity workout. A good dance session gives a seriously good cardio workout – and it can also build strength, shape, and tone the muscles throughout the body. Don’t underestimate the burn!

Do I need equipment to do this work out?

LES MILLS DANCE is an equipment-free workout – just show up and let the music move you!

Check the Timetable from mid Feb 2024 for times.

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