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How’s your Nutrition in Lockdown?

I am not a nutritionist – and I don’t pretend to be! Just thought we would check in with you guys and see how your eating is going during lockdown? Like all New Zealanders during lockdown I have got heavily into baking (I even have the 10kg bag of flour at home!) During quieter times, like this lockdown, there tends to be plenty of time to focus on food and enjoy all of our baking - maybe a little too much! If you are feeling a little bloated and not your normal self, here are a few reminders of what you can do to combat the lockdown food feeling.

My Tips:

  • Cleanse your system. Keep up your water intake 1-2 litres a day minimum. This may increase the feeling of fullness and also handy…you are never far from the loo!

  • Check-in on your portion sizes, are they the same as what they were? Perhaps reducing slightly will help you feel lighter and less bloated. You are not expelling the incidental calorie output that you would have by walking around a lot more in normal life.

  • Reduce your alcohol intake. It is such a hard one as we are in an unprecedented situation, but maybe limiting your intake for a couple of weeks may help you feel motivated for the following exciting day!

  • Make healthy choices, just keep in mind that fruit, vegetables, and salads are all great choices for lunches and dinners while you have the time to prepare!

Take care and stay safe!

Kelly x

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