F2 $2 Functional Training Classes

F2 $2 Functional Exercise Classes

Functional Training Classes Only $2 per class

18-24 April 2016 Only 

Get out of your daily grind, put the fun back into everyday life and go crazy for F2! Try any of our brand new, exclusive to Northern Arena, functional training classes for only 2 bucks!

F2 is exercise that offers variety and delivers results in fun ways you never thought possible! So, burn fat, improve power, strength and endurance, correct your posture, improve your balance, boost your metabolism and develop a strong lean body!

Challenge yourself with F2 for only $2 per class and embrace functional training to give your body an edge in everyday life. The F2 adult playground is waiting for YOU!

There are classes for every ability from Base to Max which are suitable for all abilities offering variety & delivering results in fun ways you never thought possible! Click here to read more about the classes. 

Classes are limited and must be booked, so do not delay and check availability for the class you want NOW!

Simply complete the form below for the session you wish to book and we will get back to as soon as possible! Please note: We've added a few extra special classes to ensure you get an opportunity to try a class. For a typical weekly timetable please see here

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F2 Classes

  • Classes are 30 mins in length because we know how precious your time is, so we make sure every second counts
  • Classes are limited to 15 people per class to ensure superior coaching and a more personal experience
  • Classes must be booked to ensure you are not disappointed when you arrive for a class that is full!
  • Every class is suitable for all abilities and specifically designed so everybody works to their own limits. 
F2 Base

F2 Base

Improve your technique and base strength by focusing on basic functional movement patterns along with core and rehabilitation exercises. This class combines a mix of body weighted exercises with suspension training to enhance your balance, stability and core strength. 
F2 Flex

F2 Flex

The F2 Flex and Stretch class will help you to stay limber and tension free. Improve your flexibility and relieve stress from overworked muscles by engaging in a variation of deep stretches which have Yoga and Pilates inspired elements.
F2 Suspension

F2 Suspension

Using Crankit Suspension training straps, this workout leverages gravity and your body weight to perform functional movements.  Suspension training provides a total body workout that develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.
F2 Power

F2 Power

Power your way to total body strength and conditioning by incorporating functional lifting and pushing movements focusing on improving your inner strength and fitness levels.
F2 Max

F2 Max

Take your workout to the next level with this high intensity and challenging class. Utilise all your major muscle groups with a wide variety of exercises that have been designed to push your body to the MAX!

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Terms and Conditions

$2 Classes only available for use on F2 Group Fitness classes from 18/04/16-24/04/16. You must be 13 years or older. Not available for those who have terminated or transferred a Northern Arena membership in the last 6 months or if you have had a trial membership in the last 6 months. Does not include personal training, group training, learn to swim school lessons and supervised play area as additional charges apply. By entering the facility you agree to abide by the house rules or face removal.