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Workout At Home - Dirty Thirties

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

This circuit is a challenge.

The Dirty 30's circuit requires you to complete 30 reps of each exercise for one round.

The catch: **You must complete 10 Burpees after every exercise!** The Burpee Kicker is to keep the heart rate high and the calories burning!

Work hard through every exercise making sure you are hitting the range and technique.

30 reps/ 15 exercises/ 1 Round Timed

• Squats

• Plank Jack

• Jump Lunge

• Mountain Climbers R+L=1

• Situps

• Frogs

• Walkout

• Air Jacks

• Speed ladders

• Drop Squats

• Crunch

• Commandoes

• Sprints 10m

• Donkey Kick

• Lateral Squat Jump



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