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WOD- Cardio HIIT

Hi Team, This is a great little 24 min burn. Focus on One Circuit at a time- 10 reps of each exercise with 4x10m runs then repeat as many times are you can in 6 mins. The aim is to complete 3 sets of the circuit. Once complete move to Circuit Two. Take 1-2 mins rest in between each circuit. This can be done body weighted or add weights in any of the exercises you choose. Set your Timer for 6 mins High/1 min Low with 4 intervals. Circuit One: 1. Full Situp 2. Burpee Thruster 3. Alligator Push up 4. Jump Lunges 5. 4 x 10m Runs Circuit Two: 1. Jump Jack/Air Jack 2. Hip Raise 3. Mountain Climber Push Up 4. CTF Burpee 5. 4 x 10m Runs Circuit Three: 1. Triple Pulse Squat Jump 2. Skaters (R+L=1) 3. Squat 180 Jump 4. Walkout Press Up 5. 4 x 10m Runs Circuit Four: 1. In out Press Up 2. Lateral Squat Tap 3. Plank Jack 4. Surfer Burpee 5. 4 x 10m Runs Enjoy! #wotd #northernarena #keepingyoumoving #exercise #lifesgreatwithnorthernarena #changinglives


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