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Staying Motivated through Lockdown – Kelly Howarth

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

We are now into the third week of lockdown which can be both challenging and rewarding. I know from my perspective, I am an extremely social and busy person, and having to stop and sit back, has left me sometimes feeling frustrated and emotionally drained. On the flip side, we should all feel very proud of what we are doing to conquer this virus and help New Zealand return to what it was and take this time to reset both body and mind. I am happy that we are all fighting this cause with such gusto and pride.

During lockdown I have tried to maintain some practices to keep my motivation levels high. Remembering, like you guys I have times when I just feel like lying in my bed all day and relaxing!

Here are some of my top tips for staying motivated during lockdown:

• Think about your “Why”? what gets you up in the morning? Why do you want to remain healthy and fit? For me I know that it promotes mindfulness. I always feel better after a workout. Even if it is just a 30 min walk to an intense HIIT session. My why is remaining positive and feeling good that I have achieved something in this unprecedented lockdown time. If this is a challenge at the moment, I would suggest taking small steps. Just design a little workout that has 5 exercises and can be done with kids or family and is achievable. Kids are very inspired by their parents. I know some don’t like to admit it but the more you get out and exercise in front of them, the more it becomes the norm and they eventually crumble and join in. Bribery also works well!!. Watch their mindset change after a bit of a run around.

• Don’t say you’ll find time. MAKE time! A 30 min workout is only 2% or your day. A good plan or schedule is very motivating. This may be a weekly schedule or if that is too much, then plan something the evening before for the day and try and get everyone involved. You will all turn up for each other and even if you are not feeling it, another bubble member will motivate you to put that activewear on.

• Find a Fitness Partner in your bubble! I love to vary up who I am working out with each day. Poor old family! If you have your plan and it involves different members of the family that is awesome. We are all in this lockdown together… and you know that families that train together stay motivated and positive together.

• Make some space. We have said it before. Creating a little fitness space both inside and outside is a must. You don’t need much room, but creating this space will be so beneficial. Move some furniture if you have to…Who really cares at this point. No one outside of your bubble is around!

• Stay connected with the outside world. Link into our member Facebook page so you have lots of ideas of what to do. Search on the internet, as long as they are reputable fitness professionals go for it! Set up ZOOM meetings with your family and friends. All of these will help positivity and motivation.

• Finally – as long as you are moving, you are doing amazing! This can be a highly stressful time for some. Doing a little bit of exercise daily will maintain routine and set you up for returning to normality. Use this time to both enjoy family, and nurture yourself. Take care and Stay Safe.

Kelly x

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