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Red Covid Protection Framework in the Gym


To all our amazing gym members

At Northern Arena, we strive to ensure that you have the best group fitness experience possible. Working out with a crowd involves a plethora of benefits that include improving your workout consistency, duration, motivation, conversation and inspiration. We are currently facing multiple challenges including COVID, availability of instructors and more. We find ourselves in the position of having to temporarily adjust our group fitness timetable, whilst still trying to provide you with an awesome atmosphere.

This is an evolving situation, so please regularly check our online timetable for the most up to date information. We will continue to react and review the timetable as needed.

As always, your health & safety and enjoyment are paramount whilst using the gym and we are excited to be able to welcome everyone back from April 5 as Vaccine certificates are no longer required.

We kindly ask:

• Please ensure you scan in using your Northern Arena swipe tag.

• Mask use is encouraged but they do not need to be worn whilst exercising.

• Please use the booking system even if there is space in a class.

• If you feel unwell, we ask you to remain at home.

We will continue to keep you updated on any changes to the situation as soon as possible. 

Please know that these health and safety procedures are in place to keep you safe to train! Please be patient and kind to your fellow gym family and we thank you for your patience and understanding.


The Team at Northern Arena

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