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5 Tips on How to Start Your Fitness Journey

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Gym instructor motivating her dance class
Lady getting ready to start her fitness journey

Let’s face it, exercise is not everyone’s cup of tea, but we all know we should be doing it. So you’ve mustered up the motivation to move, but now you don’t know where to start.

The hardest part is the start, so get over that hurdle and you’re off and running. There is a ton of workout information and options out there for beginners, it can be a bit overwhelming but the key is to get going.

1. Don’t go to a gym and stare at the rows of machines — gym instructors are there to help. Most gyms including Northern Arena, Silverdale offer gym explorers to show you how to use the machines and a programme to follow to help get you going. Take advantage of their expertise, they want to help you. Don’t be shy.

2. Arm yourself with some workouts and load up your phone with an exercise app. Some apps automatically generate workouts for you, some you can do at home with no equipment. Ask your friends to see what they might be using, then you might even find your new workout buddy.

3. Get a buddy. Exercising with someone else helps keep you motivated and you can piggy back off each other with workout ideas.

4. Lots of gyms run fitness classes that have a wide range of benefits. Research which ones that are tailored towards your fitness goals. Remember, if you are new or returning after a break, start slow. Going hard straight out the gate can cause injury and unnecessary pain which puts you back to square one.

5. Do what you enjoy. Put yourself outside of your comfort zone and try something new, if it’s not for you, try something else. They key is finding something that you like so that you keep doing it.

Remember, we all need to start somewhere, and it’s important to know you are never alone in this process. We are here to lend a helping hand whatever your fitness level and ability, plus we’ve got lots of people here that have been exactly where you are now.


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