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Hummus and Vegetable Snack Jar

by Danijela Unkovich -Healthy Always

Are you on the hunt for a new snack idea?🥕🥒

Try this easy hummus and veggie stick jar!

Simply add a few heaped dollops of hummus into a jar, then load it up with a few handfuls of your favourite veggie sticks (e.g. capsicum, cucumber, celery, asparagus…).

Screw on the lid and take on-the-go to work, university, school, when travelling, wherever! A great way to get an extra handful of veggies in. Did you know pairing nutrient-rich veggie with a source of dietary fat (like the tahini and oil in hummus) helps the uptake of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, K, E)? It makes them pretty darn tasty too!

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