Yin Yoga

Relieve Stress

Yin Yoga

Improve your strength, balance, flexibility and body alignment with experienced Yogis and blissful sounds.

Connect your mind and body, enhance your well-being and find your inner bliss with Yoga. Yoga is the practice of ancient Indian philosophy which combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation

A meditative slow-paced class that explores long, deep stretching to enhance joint mobility, improve flexibility, and healing to the body’s connective tissues. You will enjoy a deep stretch especially through the hips, pelvis and spine. A perfect antidote to stressful busy lifestyles, runner’s stiffness, and cluttered minds.

Relieve stress in a low intensity Yoga class ranging from 45-60 minutes in length. All levels and abilities are welcome to unwind and de-stress in this class. Please bring a towel and your own yoga mat for your comfort.


Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Improves Wellbeing

Get Moving and Social



  • Gets you moving and social

  • Enhances your wellbeing

  • Helps you Live a healthier lifestyle


“The yoga has definitely helped me connect with my body.”

“I feel so much more relaxed, it helps me sleep so much better.”



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