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Your New Group Fitness Timetable Explained

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

All Happening From 13 November, 2023

Get ready for an more exciting and dynamic group fitness timetable at your gym.

We've been listening to your feedback, keeping a close eye on attendance rates, and aligning our instructor availability to bring you some amazing changes to our group fitness timetable. These updates are designed to enhance your workouts and make your fitness journey more exhilarating. Let's dive right into the exciting additions:

F2 Max Group Fitness

1. F2 Max with Tyla on Monday 5:25am replaces Grit

Kickstart your week with a burst of energy! F2 Max with Tyla takes the stage on Monday mornings at 5:25am, replacing our previous Grit class. It's an opportunity to push your limits and build your strength from the get-go.

Yard Group Fitness

2. 6am Tuesday Yard is back for summer

Back by popular and seasonal demand! Tuesday mornings at 6am will now feature the Yard workout, perfectly timed for summer. This outdoor-inspired session will have you sweating and sculpting those summer-ready bodies!

Grit Group Fitness

3. Grit Tuesday 6am moves to 5:25am

For all our Grit enthusiasts, we've made a time adjustment. Join us for Grit on Tuesday mornings at 5:25am, maintaining the same high-intensity experience but at an earlier time.

Shapes Group Fitness

4. Shapes moves into the vacant 6am Tuesday slot

Shapes, a beloved class in our timetable, now takes the spotlight on Tuesday mornings at 6am. This change aligns with our popular Thursday 6am slot, giving you a consistent timing for this amazing class.

Yard Group Fitness Class

5: 11:30am Wednesday Base switches to Yard

With the summer months, we get outside, and for you Mid Week Base Heads that means you can now enjoy our Wednesday lunch time Yard class with Amberlee.

But wait, there's more! We're not just revamping your mornings; we've also spiced up your weeknights.

The evening shuffle-up with a revamp of your weeknights includes:

Sprint Group Fitness

6. Tuesday & Thursday 5:45pm Sprint moves to 6pm across the week

Now, you can enjoy a live Sprint class at 6pm on both Tuesdays and Thursdays, making it more convenient for your evening schedule.

Base Group Fitness

7. Thursday 5:30pm is 30 minutes of F2 Base

Thursdays at 5:30pm will now offer 30 minutes of F2 Base, the perfect option for a quick, workout that fits your schedule.

Les Mills BodyPump Group Fitness

8. Thursday Les Mills Pump extended by 15 minutes starting at 5:45 instead of 6pm

Our Les Mills Pump class on Thursdays will start at 5:45pm and be extended by 15 minutes, allowing you to make the most of this fantastic workout.

Yard Group Fitness Class

9: Wednesday 5:45pm & 5:30pm Thursday Yard kicks off at 6pm now

For those who prefer a later start, our Thursday Yard class now begins at 6pm, giving you a chance to catch your breath before the action begins.

Hustle Group Fitness

10. Introducing Hustle

We're thrilled to announce the relaunch of F2 Box with a new name: "Hustle." Join us on Tuesday mornings at 10am instead of Base, Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6:15pm and Saturday Mornings at 7:45am in the F2 Studio. Hustle is a 45-minute, high-energy, high-intensity boxing conditioning workout that's structured like a boxing match. This session will keep you on your toes as it alternates between cardio, punching, and resistance-based rounds of work. Don't worry if you don't have gloves; we have some you can borrow, just remember to bring your own wraps for improved hygiene. Wraps can be purchased at reception.

We're committed to providing you with the best fitness experience, and these changes reflect our dedication to your health and well-being. If you have any feedback please use this form so we are able to track, monitor and respond to your comments. With our revamped timetable, you'll have more options than ever to sweat, sculpt, and achieve your fitness goals. We can't wait to see you in our classes!

Note: These changes to the timetable will take effect starting November 13, 2023. Please check our official timetable or contact our staff for more information and to book your spots in the classes.

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