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Workout At Home - EMOM

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Every minute on the minute “EMOM” is a great kickstart to any day!

Start on the minute complete 15 Burpees – rest once complete.

On the next minute 20 HRPU - rest once complete,

On the next minute 30 squats - rest and so on.

Once you complete the rest go back to the top and start again.

The harder you go to beat the minute the more rest you have! Go through 4 times. This 24 minute workout.

Set a timer for 24 Intervals, use the 6th minute to catch your breath and reset.

Set High 1 minute/ Low 00 time.

6 exercises//1 min intervals //4 rounds

1. 15 Burpees /Opt CTF

2. 20 HRPU

3. 30 Squats/ Opt weight or Jumps

4. 40 Mountain Climbers 2=1

5. Sprints x 10 or 150m Run


This workout can be pushed for a bit more intensity if you wish. Add Chest to Floor in the burpee or add weight to the squats if you have at home or add more reps if you are getting too much rest. Alongside it – don’t be put off – drop down the reps and make it achievable for all.



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