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Virtual Classes at Northern Arena Gym

What is a Virtual Class?

A virtual class is the same fitness classes that you know and love or want to try but are played on a screen within the fitness studio.

Who are virtual classes aimed at?

Virtual classes are often a gateway for live group fitness classes. So, if the thought of joining a throng of confident, seasoned group exercisers in a packed fitness studio daunts you, virtual could be the way to go.

Virtual workouts typically attract smaller numbers, and you can go at your own pace, which makes them ideal if you’re a novice looking to learn the moves.

Virtual classes can be a much less intimidating environment for beginners to start in and many then go on to ‘graduate’ into live classes.

For regular attendees: Virtual allows us to fill the schedule, creating more options to do the classes you love, especially for those times your schedule won’t always allow you to get to a live class.

Why would I go to a Virtual Class?

Virtual classes have typically lower attendance and give you the opportunity to try something new. The addition of Virtual Classes enhances our live instructor fitness class timetable and lets us provide more classes and spaces for our members to attend. It's a great alternative if you cannot book into a live class. It’s also a great option if you have some reluctance on exercising in close proximity to others as typically there is greater social distancing in these classes.

How long are Virtual Classes?

Normally the classes run between 30-45 mins. All classes will be formatted to accommodate a great work out experience and allow cleaning time between sessions.

Will Virtual classes replace Live classes?

Nothing beats the experience of a live class and the motivation and encouragement of having one of our amazing coaches leading the class. Most people would always choose live over virtual.

What virtual offers is accessibility and flexibility to run more classes more often, and at times it would never be viable to run a live class. This makes them a hit with everyone from shift workers to moms, and anyone else who’s not keen or able to battle rush hour at the gym.

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