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Getting Ready for the Traffic Lights


Group Fitness Instructor signalling Stage 2 Covid Alert Level
Getting Ready for Traffic Lights

Fantastic news! On December 3, we will be moving to the traffic light system and opening our doors. As it stands right now we wanted to update you on what will be happening at Northern Arena Gym. As always your health and safety is paramount whilst using the gym. The following explains what this means to you and your gym and what happens when we go to the red light:

  • We will be able to open our doors again for the Gym, Pool and Group Fitness Classes on Friday 3 December.

  • At this stage, all staff and anyone coming into the gym must be vaccinated unless you are medically exempt.

  • You will be required to show or scan your vaccine pass. Here’s some instructions on how to obtain your Vaccine pass if you haven’t already My Vaccine Pass | Unite against COVID-19 (covid19.govt.nz)

  • You will only need your vaccine pass verified once for your gym membership. You will not need to show your pass each time you attend the gym.

  • Masks are recommended at Northern Arena, however these do not need to be worn whist you are exercising.

  • Group Fitness capacity will be changed in accordance with 1m social distancing government guidelines.

We will have a station set up in the YARD this week if you would like to get ahead of the crowd and have your vaccine pass verified and linked to your membership in advance of us reopening.

FAQ's Can I just email you my vaccine pass or proof of vaccine? Sorry no, we have to verify your pass in person, (we are not allowed to keep any data relating to your health status) and the vaccine pass is the only accepted form of proof. Do you keep any record of my vaccine pass on your system? No, we put the expiry of your pass into our system, and that is all.

I am vaccination exempt. What do I do? If you are exempt from the vaccine, you will still be provided with a vaccination certificate. We will need to view this in the same way as any other vaccination certificates. No other form of proof will be accepted.

Can you run outside classes for non-vaccinated? Not at Red, at this stage we believe this may be possible at Orange with distancing and capacity limits. We are awaiting more information on this. Are there any restrictions on class numbers? At Red, yes there are. Distancing required is 1 metre and a maximum of 100 people in each designated space. This will mean a slight reduction in Cycle and F2 studios, but not Studio 1 or YARD. But the good news is that we have MORE of these classes on the timetable. Do I have to wear a mask? Mask use is recommended, but you do not need to wear one whilst exercising. I have loved training outside, are you going to keep some classes out there? The majority of the classes will move back inside the building. YARD classes will continue to run outside and we’re going to keep the marquees up over summer to keep things all weather and give you a bit of protection from the sun! Given the popularity of YARD classes and training outside we have included MORE on our timetable.

As always, we will continue to keep you updated on any changes to the situation as soon as possible.  Please know that all of these health and safety procedures are in guidance to keep you safe to train! Please be patient and kind to your fellow gym family. We can’t wait to see you back indoors at Northern Arena.

_ The Team at Northern Arena #changinglives

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