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Getting Ready for Level 2

Updated: Sep 20, 2021


Yay we are one step closer – Level 3 here we come!!

Just like you we have all of our fingers and toes crossed that we will be back into the new Delta Level 2 in the next week or so.

We will touch base again once the dates are confirmed but just a heads up on what will be happening in your gym when we return.

We will be having a Level 2 timetable available to book once we know when we can re-open. Please be aware that this timetable may change from week to week whilst we are in Level 2. Please refer to the online timetable on a regular basis to check out what is on offer. Please note that due to Covid restrictions classes like our Boxfit programme will not be available whilst we are in level 2 and also our Cycling studio will have limited numbers.

You will need to book all of your group fitness classes online (with the exception of SwimFit and AquaFit) and make sure you are scanning in both at the door with the Covid tracing App and also scanning your membership tag as you enter the gym so we can assure we are contact tracing correctly.

Masks will be required at Northern Arena however these do NOT need to be worn whilst you are exercising.

We are pretty excited to have the opportunity to be back in the building soon and will touch base again once our opening date is confirmed.

Cant wait to see you all soon!!!

The Gym team.

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