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Exercise Options to Improve Strength

The Yard - Get outdoors to build strength, improve fitness, and accelerate your speed and agility. An energetic 35 minutes of team training using a variety of equipment and exercises for whole body, strength, cardio, and conditioning. Equipment includes Ski Ergs, Sleds, Kettlebells, Airbikes, Tyres, Battle Ropes and more.

Les Mills BodyPump -The original weights class that builds strength, tones your body, and pushes you to the limit every time. This moderate to high intensity workout increases strength & endurance, tones & shapes and helps maintain bone health.

BoxFit - A boxing inspired full body workout that focuses on power, co-ordination, stamina, and strength. Skip, hook and jab yourself to feeling fantastic. This moderate to high intensity workout tones & shapes, increases sense of energy, endurance and builds self-confidence. Hit it!

F2 Base - Improve your technique and base strength by focusing on basic functional movement patterns along with core and rehabilitation exercises. This class combines a mix of body weighted exercises with suspension training to enhance your balance, stability, and core strength.

F2 Power - Power your way to total body strength and conditioning by incorporating functional lifting and pushing movements focusing on improving your inner strength and fitness levels.

Les Mills Grit Strength - Send your metabolism into overdrive to burn fat for hours after the workout. Grit stimulates the production of growth hormone which reduces fat and helps develop lean muscle. This high intensity class builds strength and lean muscle and works all major muscle groups.

Les Mills Core - A personal training-inspired, scientifically based workout that challenges you to build and maintain a better shaped and functioning core. This moderate to high intensity class tightens & tones core muscles and improves functional strength for balance mobility & injury prevention.

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