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Exercise Options to Improve Flexibility

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Les Mills BodyBalance - A yoga, tai chi and Pilates inspired workout that leaves you long, strong, calm, and centered. This low intensity class improves joint flexibility & range of motion, tones & shapes and enhances mental wellbeing. Feel balanced.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Shape up whilst supporting your joints and muscles. Keep fit and flexible in chest-deep water rather than in a studio. This low to moderate intensity class strengthens and tones your body, improves your strength and mobility with less strain on your muscles and joints.

Yin Yoga - A meditative slow-paced class that explores long, deep stretching to enhance joint mobility, improve flexibility, and healing to the body’s connective tissues. A prefect antidote to stressful busy lifestyles, runner’s stiffness, and cluttered minds.

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