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Phone: 021 776 828


Train Smart (Simple Muscle Activation Recruitment Training)
Posture and Body Alignment
30 minute Body Blitz
Small Group Training
Sport Specific Training
Sport & Training Recovery Sessions
Nutritional Advice, to support your training and sporting activities

Personal Statement:

As a competitive athlete, husband, father and business person, Mark knows the importance of balancing the intensity and effort of training, with work, rest and play.

Mark has been involved in the fitness industry since the early nineties and has not only worked with a number of National, International and Olympic athletes, but he’s worked with Men, Women, Teens and Children and helped them set, and achieve, the goals that are important to them. With incredible success stories in life coaching, weight loss, bodybuilding and a number of sports including rugby, hockey, fields, Mark truly is able to train any client, towards any goal – and make it fun too.

What does Mark get out of it and why does he love his job? Well, quite simply, the reward of seeing clients progress towards a fitter, healthier lifestyle. “Any day I see that is a good day.”



“Train Smart, never say Can’t.”