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House Rules

Please note that the House Rules form part of your Northern Arena Membership Agreement. They form part of our club rules and may be changed without notice. Breach of these House Rules may result in termination or suspension of your Membership Agreement. If your Membership Agreement is terminated as a result of your breach of these House Rules, you may also be prevented from re-joining  Northern Arena in the future. 

House Rules
Membership Agreement

Membership Agreement

Lost your copy of your membership agreement. Log-in to the Northern Arena App to find the latest agreement

Group of Friends
Membership Payments
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Membership Payments

The payment of fees are by making regular monthly payments by direct debit from either a credit card or nominated bank account.


  • You pay fees for the monthly payment option in advance each month by direct debit from a nominated bank account or credit card (If a payment day is a not a Working Day, we will debit your account on the next working day).

  • If you choose to pay by credit card, any fees charged for the transaction by your credit card provider will be deducted from your credit card at the same time as your regular payment.

  • Your membership will continue until you decide that you wish to cancel your membership after the Minimum Term or it is cancelled by us for one of the reasons set out in clause 5 of the Northern Arena Gym Membership agreement

  • Your fee will be debited on 22nd of each month. This may take up to 5 days to process.

  • If a payment day is a not a Working Day, we will debit your account on the next working day. Depending on your bank, payments may take up to 5 Working Days to be processed. Please ensure you have allowed for this possibility by making sure there is enough money in your nominated account for up to 5 Working Days following your payment day.

  • By completing the Direct Debit agreement you agreed to all terms and conditions set out on the reverse of the form. We recommend that you take the time to read and understand these terms.

For more details on payments of your gym membership please refer to your Northern Arena Gym Membership agreement.


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Pop in, drop us an email, give us a call or simply complete a web form, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We can't wait to hear from you and answer any questions.





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