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Capture your memories

Underwater Baby Photos

16 - 22 September 2019

Unfortunately due to pool filtering maintenance issues yesterday (15 Sept), our pool clarity has been affected. To get the optimum images, we have postponed your underwater photos for Monday and Tuesday this week. We can assure you that this will not effect your lessons as the pool is perfectly safe to swim in.  We have rescheduled Monday and Tuesday's photos to be taken next week 23 and 24 Sept.

Introducing your baby into the water is an amazing bonding and rewarding experience for both parent and baby, so we’d like to capture that memory of your little water baby in an underwater photo, forever!

We have seamlessly integrated a photo shoot into your normal lessons so that both you and your baby are relaxed, feel safe and enjoy the experience - which in turn means we’ll get the best photos we can. So after a few fun and familiar activities to get your little one in the mood, you’ll pass them over to your teacher who’ll swim them in front of our photographer and capture that special moment.

The following week, after a bit of tinkering, we’ll send you an online link to view and purchase.

Please note that it can be tricky to get the perfect shot, but don’t worry, we’ll do our best!

Underwater Photography


Who is it for? 

All children booked into Parent and Child lessons and who attend on the dates above. 

How does it work? 

Within the normal lesson a photographer will be taking a picture of each baby during an activity with submersion.

Can I opt out?

Yes, it is not compulsory, you do not have any obligation to participate or purchase the photos.


Do we get a make up for the time spent on photos? 

We have intergrated the photo oportunity into the lesson, so it doesn't get in the way of the lessons objective. Those that do not want to participate can practice another skill suggested by the teacher. 

What if I miss the class? 

Unfortunately we cannot offer a make-up photoshoot. If you miss the lesson you will miss the photoshoot. 

I don’t want my photo to be online even when I wanted to participate? 

Not a problem, please let us know as soon as possible. We will require a photo of your child to identify them.

How do I purchase the photos? 

A few days after the photoshoot, when the photos are ready, you will receive an email with a link, a user name and a password. Check your inbox and spam folder. If you still haven’t received your email after a few days, check your details are correct at reception. They will also be available to purchase at Northern Arena, the following week after the photoshoot took place.

How long until I get my digital copy? 

If you’ve entered your details correctly it should be in your inbox right after you’ve purchased it. Please, download it straight away or the link will expire after a few weeks and the photo will be lost.

How can I pay for my photos? 

You can pay online with a credit/debit card through PayPal on the website’s checkout. You do not need a PayPal account. You can pay as a guest.

I didn't get the email?

If you have opted out of receiving emails from Northern Arena there is a chance you will not receive your secure link and password. Otherwise please check your junk folder. If you didn't get the email please contact nicanorp@northernarena.co.nz or you can ask the reception girls for your log in details.

Terms and Conditions

By participating you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. You have no obligation to participate or purchase any photos, please let us know if you'd prefer not to have your photo taken. Photo are edited, collated and published online in class albums. They will be visable to your class only. If your child’s photo is not in the album, you were either absent or unfortunately we were unable to get a good photo, this can happen. Please note: It can be tricky to get the perfect shot and some photos will not come out, but we’ll do our best! Unfortunately, we are unable to run a make-up photo session if your child misses out or the photos are illegible. We won’t do a submersion with an upset child hence we won’t take a photo. Northern Arena retains the right to all photos taken. We will not pass on or sell the photos to third parties. Photos will be available to view and purchase for a period of 30 days. You will be notified by email a secure link and password to access your lesson time and day. All transactions are conducted using PayPal and are subject to their own terms and conditions and responsible for all payments. Northern Arena is not responsible for any theft, virus, hack, file corruption or any event out of our control when purchasing and using digital files. In case of pool closure the photoshoot may be suspended or cancelled until further notice.

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