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Workout At Home - EMOM

Hi Team,

This is one of my favourite workouts. Its all about challenging yourself EMOM (every minute on the minute)! Block one: complete the 4 exercises for 8,6,4,2 reps within the minute. Start again at the beginning of each minute. Repeat 5 times, then rest or add a 200m run for a cardio kick.

Repeat each block twice.

Block One: 1. 8 Jump Jack/Air Jack 2. 6 Shuffle block Jump 3. 4 Plank to Squat 4. 2 Get Ups Block Two: 1. 8 Skaters 2. 6 Burpee Press Ups 3. 4 Push Up Row 4. 2 Sprints 10m or 2 Bear Crawls Set up your interval timer with 1 minute High (work) 0 min Rest – 5 intervals. Enjoy.

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