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Workout At Home - 6 Minute Monster

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Set your timer for 4 blocks of 6 min with a 30 - 45 sec rest in between. Feel free to add weight plates or bars to this workout. Check in with yourself and see if you can beat your time each round. 15 reps/10 exercises/ 4 blocks of 6 min 1. Squat 2. In Out Press up 3. Donkey kick 4. Drop squats 5. Press Scissor Lunge 6. Plank Jack 7. Air Jack 8. Skaters 9. CTF Burpees 10. Sprints Remember you can reduce the reps to 12 or 10 if you would like to and do what you need to adapt the exercises. Enjoy!

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