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Workout At Home - The Accumulator

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

The “accumulator” is a body weighted 10 reps add on circuit each round.

- start with 10 reps of Full Situps, - next round do 10 reps of Situps + 10 reps of HRPU, - third round do 10 Situps+10 HRPU+10 Jump Lunges each side.

- You keep going till you end up with the complete add on of every exercise.

It is a great one for everyone – starts off pretty ok and then by the 10th round you are feeling it! Sub in and out any exercises you feel like and add weights if you wish to the Situps, lunges and squat 180 jumps.

1. Full Situp


3. Jump Lunges (R+L=1)

4. Squat 180 Jumps

5. Sprints (10m Shuttles)

6. Bear Crawls

7. Shuffle Block Jumps

8. Plank Jacks

9. CTF Burpees

10. Walkout +press up


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