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When Is The Ideal Time To Workout

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Are you better off to get your exercise done at dawn, or should you exhaust yourself in the evening? The truth is there’s no credible scientific evidence to sway you either way.

There are numerous studies designed to unearth the ideal time to exercise, but there is no definitive proof that it is better to exercise at morning, noon or night.

‘‘If you want to get the best from your workout, simply work out whenever you like.’’-Bryce Hastings, Les Mills Head of Research

“Sure, there is a chance your body will burn calories differently at different times of the day, but these differences will be minimal compared to the benefit of exercising regularly. How much you benefit from exercise is closely linked to the amount of consistent physical activity you do,” he adds.

Find what works for you

By scheduling in exercise for the time that works best for you, you’re more likely to enjoy it. When you enjoy exercise you stick with it, and that’s where habits are born. Once exercise becomes a habit the results really kick in.

When it comes to establishing a habit, many people argue that morning workouts are best. By exercising early in the day you can tick off your physical activity before any competing priorities, disturbances or excuses come into play. As a result there’s more chance of consistency.

Making mornings work

The secret to getting the most from early morning exercise is to wake refreshed, invigorated and ready to raise your heart rate. This makes a good bedtime routine essential. Working on your computer or eating late in the evening may sabotage your body’s ability to sleep and make getting up that much harder.

If you’re magnetically attracted to the snooze button, however, don’t try to fight it. Simply schedule your workouts for later in the day. Many find that escaping the office for a midday workout can be invigorating. It can arm you with more energy, aid productivity and even see you through that dreaded mid-afternoon slump.

Exercising in the evening can be ideal for alleviating the day’s stresses. If you’ve had plenty of opportunity to eat and fuel your body through the day, you’re in a better position to push your limits and take your workout up a notch.


It’s important to note that everyone is different. Identifying the time that’s best for your body to exercise requires a bit of experimentation, so it’s a good idea to try the same workout at different times of the day. Take note of how you feel while you’re exercising and what works best with your schedule. An at home training program can be a good option to consider as you have the flexibility to try a variety of exercise workouts at different time of the day that suit your schedule.

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