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Train safe train smart

There are hundreds if not thousands of training options on the internet out there at present, it is the new way to train which is fantastic.

But (a BIG BUT), while this will help keep you on track with your fitness, well-being and stop you going crazy while in isolation you can’t afford to get injured. Accessing Physio Osteopath Chiropractor massage and a like is going to be hard if not impossible.

The easy way around this is to train smart, listen to your body know your limits.

Make sure the exercises are:

  • Fun and enjoyable.

  • Challenging and rewarding so you are going to get something out of the effort you put in.

  • Choose training routines and styles that suit your body that you can relate too.

  • Remember warm ups, cool downs, stretching and recovery sessions.

  • You need to look after your body you only have ONE. (you don’t want to spend your time in isolation being non active with an injury).

Take Care, Stay Safe

Mark Addis

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