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Make swimming your superpower!

Swimsafer Week 21-27 Nov

SWIMSAFER Week November 21-27, 2022

As a swim school we are dedicated to helping families discover the joy of swimming, but swim industry experts are concerned about an increase in

drownings this coming summer, as research conducted earlier this year by Swim Coaches and Teachers New Zealand (NZSCTA) revealed that 30% of

parents believed their child’s swimming skills and confidence in the water were low and 66% were not confident their child could get themselves out

of trouble in a water safety emergency.

This year we are participating in SWIMSAFER Week (November 21-27) to encourage all New Zealand parents to get their kids into swimming lessons so they can learn life-long water safety skills.

Lifesaving lessons

The research revealed 48% of kids are not enrolled in swimming lessons and 23% of parents had no plans to enrol their children in swimming lessons. The impact of children not learning to swim has far reaching consequences and paints a grim picture for long-term water safety in New Zealand. There is a lot at stake if we don’t get children back learning to swim as soon as possible.

The earlier you start water familiarisation the better, as the skills learned build upon each other at each stage of development. We believe every child should be taught to swim in a proper learning facility. We support families having fun and helping children outside of lessons become more confident with their swimming skills but the right foundations need to be developed with trained professionals.

Spread the Word

The more children learning to swim the less drownings! That is a fact. But how can you help? Apart from making sure your children are benefitting from regular swimming lessons, you can help by spreading the word about swimming being everyone’s superpower. Let your friends and family know what a vital skill it is for all children to learn. Learning to swim is a major preventative measure parents can take.

If you want to help less fortunate children afford swimming lessons, we are supporting a brand new initiative - Swim it Forward. For just $20 or the cost of one swimming lesson, you will be helping those most at risk of drowning. For more information and to donate head over to the Swim It Forward give a little page


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