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Level 2 - Swim School Update

Exciting News

Exciting news, we’ve been super busy during Covid-19 lock down creating an online portal for your swim school.

Due to the nature of the situation, extensive work has been done on our timetable in order to make this online portal happen, to minimise your contact with others as well as adjusting times to ease parking at peak times.

What this means is that we require you to book yourself a new lesson day and times online.

We want to ensure your health and safety is our no1 priority whilst using the swim school.


  • The first day of swimming lessons Monday 18 May.

  • You will need to rebook your lessons. You can do this via the new online portal now!

Please note:

If the team has already contacted you to confirm your booking you will not need to rebook. However, you will still need to set up your online account. You may have credit on your account from the March direct debit. This credit will remain on your account.

If you have compromised immunity or caregiver is aged 70+ we kindly ask you to consider your health and safety at this time.


Your brand spanking new online swim school portal means you can now:

  • Book your new class day and time

  • View your current bookings day, time and level

  • Update your contact details

  • Make payments and update payment information

  • Mark yourself as absent for a lesson

  • Book a make-up lesson

  • If you’ve taken a break (within 12 months) you will be able to re-book straight back into the swim school.

  • If you have taken a break (more than 12 months) you will be able to book directly into an assessment class and once an assessment is complete, you will be able to book into your assessed level online.

We are working on future features including:

  • Being able to cancel your booking (you are currently still required to contact reception.

  • Moving days/times/classes yourself

Swim School

  • As above, extensive work has been done on our timetable to reduce contact with others

  • We are using alternate lanes where possible

  • With our swipe-in system we have the ability to know who and when everyone is in the facility so we can contact trace if we are required

  • We kindly ask you to limit swimmers to one caregiver per family (where possible)

  • Students are to enter the pool from “A” end and exit classes from “B” end

Physical distancing

  • Markings on seating for guidance

  • Less seating in the café

  • Please respect other people space and around the facility


  • The facility has undergone a deep clean of all surfaces and equipment before reopening

  • Additional cleaning of equipment remains in place

  • We encourage you to change at home before and after your lessons where possible

  • We kindly ask you to wash your hand before entering the facility at the handwashing station provided

  • Additional hand cleaning station on entry to the facility

  • Contactless entry and exit points

We will continue to keep you updated on any changes to the situation as soon as possible.

All you need to do now is create your account and rebook!

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reply to this email or call us on 094219700. As you can appreciate we will have our call volume will be higher than usual at this time.

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