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5 Healthy Snacks To Satisfy Sweet Cravings

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Pack these healthy snacks on your way to work for a simple way to ensure you feel full and satisfied throughout the day. Dried fruit, nuts, rice cakes and more are sure to help that 3 pm pick me up.

1. Bananas

Packed with fibre and vitamins, bananas keep me fuller for longer than many other water-based suits like melon. They're one of the easiest to carry too - complete with their own handy jacket.

tip: when bananas age and begin to show brown spots, they are developing a sweeter taste. That's because they become higher in sugar as the fruit ripens (and why un-ripe bananas are kinda gross). For a lower-sugar option, go for the just-ripe, yellow skinned ones.

2. Dark Chocolate

You might be forgiven for thinking chocolate is off the menu when it comes to being healthy, but a few squares of good-quality dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants. The darker the chocolate, the better - it contains less sugar and other ingredients like milk powders, and more of the raw cacao bean that has all the great nutrients.

3. Greek Yoghurt

With plain Greek yogurt you get tons of protein (for a healthy metabolism) and very little sugar. It also means you can enjoy a bigger serve than the sugary yoghurts, if you're hungry for it. It also makes a great post-workout snack if you're not keen on protein shakes. Quick, simple, and super tasty. Add a few berries if you need it sweet.

4. Protein Balls

When you need something more satisfying than fruit, but you just don't want to run to the vending machine - protein balls are your snacking saviour. I have heaps of them when I was cutting out sugary treats, to make the transition a lot easier. Look for balls that are low in sugar though.

5. Nuts

My go-to snack when I'm craving a treat - the fats in nuts help to provide slow-releasing fuel so that your tummy stays crave-free for longer. They're don't cause those pesky blood sugar highs and lows either - bringing a halt to your 3pm slumps and incessant cravings. Weigh out 30g of any kind (one serve) and take with you on the go - I love almonds and cashews, but remember to mix it up to get a variety of nutrients from all nuts. You can also throw seeds in there too!

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