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Exciting News: Upgrading Our Swim School Systems for You!


We want to start by expressing our gratitude to you for choosing to be a part of our community, and we are thrilled to share some exciting news that directly impacts your Swim School experience.

Over the past year, we embarked on a journey implementing a new booking system. We believed that it would elevate our services and provide you, our valued customer an even better Northern Arena experience. Despite our dedicated efforts and perseverance, the system fell short of our expectations, and for that, we sincerely apologize.

We have listened to your recent feedback, and we believe you deserve the absolute best. Therefore, we are happy to announce significant changes and upgrades to better serve you.

The new system will empower you, our Swim School patrons with enhanced capabilities and features, making your interactions with us more efficient and enjoyable.

Our new system will introduce:

· A convenient mobile app, allowing you to book classes, move lessons, mark absences, and book makeups

· A new tag-less check-in system

· Plus, you will be able to enjoy the bonus of UNLIMITED MAKEUP LESSONS! A feature we believe will benefit you and your child's Swim School experience. More information will be provided soon.

As part of these improvements, we need to inform you of a necessary 3rd party provider change that handles your direct debit payments. Specifically:

· Swim School Direct Debit payments will change to Pay Rix from December 1, 2023.

· For operational reasons, all Swim School Direct Debit Payments will return to 22nd of every month.

Please carefully read this outline of the upcoming Swim School payments and when they will be due:

1. 22 November 2023: Marlin, Talent ID, and Coast Swim Club (monthly payment as usual covering lessons between 22 November and 21 December.

2. 1 December 2023: All other Learn to Swim levels (Tuna and below). Part payment covering lessons between 1 December – 21 December 2023. This will be your first payment with our new provider, and we will require you to add and accept their payment terms and conditions – More on this later.

3. 22 December 2023: All Swim School learn to swim lessons, squads and Coast Swim Club covering any lessons between 22 December – 21 January 2024.

We will provide you with more information at the time of the change-over.

Price Adjustment

Beginning December 22, in response to increased costs there will be a modest increase of $2 per lesson for regular learn to swim classes. New lessons prices are outlined below.

Parent and Co: $25 per lesson

Pre-School: $27 per lesson

School-Age 30 mins: $27 per lesson

School-Age 45 mins: $27 per lesson School-Age 60 mins: $27 per lesson

Disability Classes: $27 per lesson

Private Lessons:

· 1:1 30 min $75 per lesson

· 1:1 60 min $140 per lesson

· 1:2 30 min $130 per lesson

· 1:2 60 min $210 per lesson

Important Swim School Dates

22 November: Marlin, Talent ID, and Coast - payment due as usual

01 December: Rest of Swim School Part Payment due

18 December 2023: 4-day Holiday Programme

21 December 2023: Last Day of Swim School for 2023

22 December – All swim school payment due for lessons 22/12/23-21/01/24

8 January 2024: First Day Back for Tuna, Marlin, Talent ID, Senior Talent

8 January 2024: First week of Holiday Programme

15 January 2024: First Day Back for Learn to Swim School

15 January 2024: Second week of Holiday Programme

22 January 2024: Third week of Holiday Programme

Failed Payments Policy Update

For the past 12 years of operation, we have refrained from imposing any failed payment fees but as of 22 December 2023, in the event of a failed direct debit payment due to reasons beyond our control, such as insufficient funds, we will now be implementing a nominal failed payment fee of $10. Please be assured that in the event of a failed payment, we will notify you promptly and make a subsequent attempt before applying the fee. Your understanding is appreciated.


We thank you for your continued trust and support. We are committed to ensuring that you and your child have the best Swim School experience possible.


The Team at Northern Arena

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