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Are You Water Safe for Summer?

As advocates for aquatic education, our swim school is on a mission to introduce the wonders of swimming to families everywhere.

Swimming is My Supper Power, Swim Safe Week 13-19 Nov 2023

However, there’s a rising tide of concern within the swim community about potential increases in drowning incidents this upcoming summer season.

A recent study by SWIM Coaches and Teachers New Zealand (SCTNZ) has shed light on this issue, revealing that 43% of New Zealand families surveyed

don’t have their children enrolled in swimming lessons, with a further third (38%) believing their children are too young to learn to swim.

This year, we’re diving headfirst into SWIMSAFER Week, happening November 13-19, to rally parents across New Zealand to enrol their kids in swim lessons and arm them with essential water safety skills for life.

Swim Lessons: A Lifeline for the Future

The study brought to the surface a concerning statistic: only two in five (30%) parents surveyed were confident their child had the skills to help themselves in a water emergency. This gap in water safety skills could have ripple effects, jeopardising the long-term water safety landscape of our country. Time is of the essence to reverse this trend and get our young ones into the pool.

Starting early with water familiarisation is key, as each developmental stage builds upon the previous in terms of skill acquisition. While we’re all for family fun and informal swim practice, it’s crucial that children receive their foundational swimming education from certified professionals in a proper learning environment.

Be a Voice for Water Safety

We know that with more kids learning to swim, the incidence of drownings can decrease significantly. How can you be part of this lifesaving mission?

Ensure your own children are participating in regular swim lessons, and be a champion for aquatic skills, spreading the word about how swimming is a superpower that all kids should have the opportunity to develop. It’s one of the most proactive steps parents can take to safeguard their children.

To extend a helping hand to underprivileged kids, we’re endorsing the wonderful initiative, SWIM It Forward again. A $20 donation, equivalent to the cost of one swim lesson, can make a world of difference for kids at higher risk of drowning. Learn more and make your contribution at SWIMSAFER.org.nz.

Dive in, Make a splash, and let's make SWIMSAFER Week 2023 a tidal wave of water safety and education!

Source: Water Safety New Zealand | #changinglives #Swimming #swimsaferweek

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