5 Tips and Tricks to Help Get You Going

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

1. Create a weekly plan

Look through the timetable and write up a weekly calendar of what you are aiming to attend throughout the week. Tick them off as you complete them to mark the achievement.

2. No pain no gain

It's absolutely normal to be a little sore when you get going, you may be working muscles you haven’t worked in a long time. Don’t let this put you off - push through! You will never be as sore as that first week.

3. Variety is the spice of life

Mix it up with strength, stretch and cardio based sessions to vary your workouts, try doing one of each within the week. It's also important to mix it up with some hour and some half hour workouts so your body doesn't get too comfortable.

4. Train in a team

Whether it's a Functional small group training class, or working out with a friend. Research shows that training in a group is the most effective way to train, and it's a lot more fun.

5. Stretch

Take 5 minutes out of your day to perform some static stretches to help prevent muscle soreness, injury and improve flexibility. It is especially important to stretch before and after your workout.

Exercise options to improve flexibility

Les Mills BodyBalance - A yoga, tai chi and pilates inspired workout that leaves you long, strong, calm and centered. This low intensity class improves joint flexibility & range of motion, tones & shapes and enhances mental wellbeing. Feel balanced.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Shape up whilst supporting your joints and muscles. Keep fit and flexible in chest-deep water rather than in a studio. This low to moderate intensity class strengthens and tones your body, improves your strength and mobility with less strain on your muscles and joints.

Hatha Yoga - Incorporate the eastern principles of moving inward and the western need for physical activity. This low intensity class will build heat, strength, flexibility, and endurance.

The hatha yoga practice emphasizes proper diet, processes to internally purify the body, proper breathing and its regulation particularly during the yoga practice, and the exercise routine consisting of asanas (bodily postures).

Yin Yoga - A meditative slow-paced class that explores long, deep stretching to enhance joint mobility, improve flexibility, and healing to the body’s connective tissues. A prefect antidote to stressful busy lifestyles, runner’s stiffness, and cluttered minds.

Exercise options to increase weight loss and fitness

Les Mills BodyAttack - A full-on, high-energy cardio workout to energizing tunes. This high intensity class improves agility, coordination, strength & endurance, and improves heart & lung fitness. Be unstoppable!

Les Mills Sprint - Not your usual cycle class. It’s high intensity interval training (hiit) on a bike! It’s a quick and hard style of training with short bursts of intensity followed by short periods of active recovery, delivers you fast results with minimal impact!

Les Mills BodyCombat - A challenging mix of martial arts and endurance, unleashing strength you never knew you had. This high intensity class tones & shapes, increases strength & endurance and builds self-confidence.

SwimFit - Swim, jog or walk make use of the expert coaches on hand to enhance your technique and follow their programme or do your own thing. This you set the pace session improves heart & lung fitness, increases sense of energy & endurance.

RPM - High intensity interval training set to tunes that will get your pulse racing. You set the pace in this class which improves heart & lung fitness, increases strength & endurance. Get results faster.

Les Mills Sh'Bam - Cut loose to the hottest new workout with fun moves and shakin’ tunes. This moderate intensity class burns calories, tones & shapes develops self expression and improves coordination. Free yourself.

Circuit - A full-on, xfit high-energy cardio and endurance workout that pushes you to the limit every time. This high intensity class improves overall, fitness, improves heart & lungs fitness, agility, strength & endurance.

Metafit - Metafit is a style of high intensity interval training (hiit) and is designed to boost your fitness, rocket your energy levels & get massive results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Les Mills Grit Cardio - An explosive high-impact body weight workout. The double whammy, maximizing calorie burn within and after the workout. This high intensity class burns fat and rapidly, improves athletic capability, calorie burn within the workout & burning fat for hours afterwards.

Exercise options to improve strength and tone

Body Pump -The original weights class that builds strength, tones your body, and pushes you to the limit every time. This moderate to high intensity workout increases strength & endurance, tones & shapes and helps maintain bone health.

BoxFit - A boxing inspired full body workout that focuses on power, co-ordination, stamina and strength. Skip, hook and jab yourself to feeling fantastic. This moderate to high intensity workout tones & shapes, increases sense of energy, endurance and builds self-confidence. Hit it!

F2 Base - Improve your technique and base strength by focusing on basic functional movement patterns along with core and rehabilitation exercises. This class combines a mix of body weighted exercises with suspension training to enhance your balance, stability and core strength.

F2 Power - Power your way to total body strength and conditioning by incorporating functional lifting and pushing movements focusing on improving your inner strength and fitness levels.

F2 Max - Take your workout to the next level with this high intensity and challenging class. Utilise all your major muscle groups with a wide variety of exercises that have been designed to push your body to the max!

Les Mills Grit Strength - Send your metabolism into overdrive to burn fat for hours after the workout. Grit stimulates the production of growth hormone which reduces fat and helps develop lean muscle. This high intensity class builds strength and lean muscle and works all major muscle groups.

CX Worx - A personal training-inspired, scientifically-based workout that challenges you to build and maintain a better shaped and functioning core. This moderate to high intensity class tightens & tones core muscles and improves functional strength for balance mobility & injury prevention.

Les Mills Tone - Tick off a complete workout. The challenging mix of lunges, squats, functional training and tubing exercises will help you burn calories and take your fitness to the next level. This moderate intensity class improves your strength, cardio and core.

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