New You November

Feel great this New You November by accelerating you health and fitness. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3.    

Do one or do them all, you chose, simply select for more and add them to your cart and get ready for a New You.


Summer Series Boot Camp

Saturday 2- 30 November

Accelerate your fitness, develop muscle tone, promote safe and effective weight loss and improve your overall coordination and balance. Combine the great outdoors with 25, fun and dynamic full-body workouts designed for all levels of fitness.


Summer Shred Nutritional eGuide

All you need to get back on track or break bad habits with an ebook eating plan and recipes designed to create healthy habits to last a lifetime. Shred for summer with this 28 day challenge nutritional eguide with recipes.


Summer Inbody Scan

Track your progress the best way you can with TWO in-depth INBODY body composition scan.  Scan yourself at the beginning of New You November and at the end to magnify your results.