Sorry to see you go

Cancel My Membership

We will be sad to see you go, but if you wish to cancel your membership with us at Northern Arena, as stipulated in Northern Arena’s membership terms and conditions, memberships that are paid for by regular payment option (Direct debit) do not automatically expired at the end of their minimum term.


You must contact us to let us know that you no longer wish to continue your membership.

Please complete the form below to enable us to process your membership cancellation. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Please note: 30 days' notice must be given to Northern Arena for your cancellation to be processed.


Some key things to remember as stated in your gym membership agreement:

4.1 Payment of membership fees: The payment of your membership fees depends on whether you have chosen to pay in one lump sum or by making regular payments.

a. Regular payment option: You pay fees for the regular payment option for your Membership Term in advance each month by direct debit from a nominated bank account or credit card.

If you choose to pay by credit card, we pass on any fees charged for the transaction by your credit card provider by deducting them from your credit card at the same time as your regular payment.

If you choose the regular payment option, your membership will continue until you decide that you wish to cancel your membership after the Minimum Term or it is cancelled by us for one of the reasons set out in clause 5.

In order to cancel their membership, as stated in the clause 8.5 of the membership agreement, the member must provide one month’s written notice to cancel. The month is taken from the date stated on the letter, the date the email was sent or on Northern Arena’s cancellation form.

8.4 Cancellation at any other time: To cancel your membership when the Minimum Term ends or at any time after that, you must give us one month’s notice in writing. You must pay any fees owed to us or we may take steps to recover them.