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Find out why Northern Arena is New Zealand's most popular swim school and Swim School of the Year 2015. Learning to swim should be considered an essential life skill for you & your family. Northenr Arena has swimming lessons for all ages designed to enhance enjoyment & confidence in the water whilst learning the skills to swim & survive.

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Get Safer for Summer in the Water this year. Enrol in swimming lessons now.

"I love Northern Arena because it is so well thought out. The kids can move up levels in their swimming lessons as soon as they are able, so there is no mucking around in classes that are too easy. The facilities are warm and clean, which makes it so easy with wee kids hopping in and out of the pool. Northern arena is awesome- friendly staff with amazing teachers. My son loves your swimming school too & gets really excited when he's told 'we're going swimming today"

Rachael, 39, Mum of 5 year old Jack and part time customer services manager.

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"Northern Arena offers more than any other gym around the area... friendly, happy and energetic staff and top notch facilities! Love love LOVE it!!"

Claire, 26, Full time Key Account & Technical Sales Administrator.

"Northern Arena is an amazing facility. FRIENDLY and caring along side the motivational instructors in the group fitness classes - consistently high standard. Since joining this gym I have also made new friends that make my gym visits even more personal. Thank you Northern Arena."

Ian, 42, solo dad and small retail business manager.

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