Water Safety


Dealing With Asthma

Jennifer always struggled with her asthma. Since the age of 6 she had been using her medication as an essential tool for physical activity. Her father, Ken, while speaking to a doctor about breathing exercises, was told that swimming is the best activity for Jennifer to undertake. After trying 2 different preventative medications and numerous different suppressants, and barely noticing a difference in his daughter’s health Ken thought why not give swimming a try. Swimming is good for asthma because of the controlled breathing. Breathing every three strokes regulates the lung activity and forces a calm pattern to a person’s breathing cycle. So as per the doctor’s advice, Ken delivered Jennifer to swimming lessons once a week for a year. At first Jennifer found it hard and struggled with some of the exercises because she couldn’t hold her breath for long enough. After 2 months however, She started to get better at it, her teacher told her to blow out bubbles instead of holding her breath, and only breathe in once on her side. A year in to lessons, Jennifer’s breathing became controlled and she no longer required constant medication. By enrolling her in swimming lessons, Ken changed Jennifer’s life for the better. Countless sticky situations were avoided by Jennifer visiting the swimming pools once a week. She is now 3 years in and at the top of her class. She also takes part in numerous other sports including tag and soccer, that she wouldn’t have even attempted before the swimming lessons.