Sugar Free 14- Written by guest blogger Casarah Chapman


Sauces. Lets talk about sauces.

I am a sauce LOVER. Any kind, any meal. I feel it adds a little something something. But have you found a sauce that has less that 5g of sugar per 100g in your fridge? I haven’t.

One of the hardest parts I've encountered during this sugar free week is eliminating brought dressings and sauces. I wouldn't have thought before hand that I was overly reliant on them with most meals but my eyes have been opened. I went to put some sweet chili on my lunch and looked at the back... 68g per 100g! That's insane!

I've started living on lemon juice and homemade tomato salsa that I quickly whizz up in the blender. My partner is prepping for body building comp next month and we are eating pretty bland so I need something to add to each meal to get the flavours in!

If anyone has any amazing homemade dressings then throw the recipe my way!