Sugar Free 14- Written by guest blogger Casarah Chapman


As the end of week one dawns nearer i'm starting to feel a little bit more confident in the fact that I can do this and manage my treats with better moderation.

I feel a little bit more clearer and focused, my work drives increased and I seem to be getting more done in the balance that is work/parent/partner/household. My skin is looking better and I don't feel like I'm retaining as much water.

I know they say that you should focus on how you feel but let's be honest we all want to know what the scale says too. So this morning at the gym I jumped on those scales, expecting to see miracles ofcourse, it wasn't all bad but not what I was dreaming of, one week and two kilos off. Which really goes to show how much crap I must eat because I only managed to get to the gym twice in that week. Imagine if I actually had a five day work out plan!

I'm struggling with breakfast ideas, I like to eat on the run so have been sticking to my protein shakes. Goal for the week - make time for a morning meal filled with goodness to start the day!

Happy sugar freeing - almost halfway there!