Sugar Free 14- Written by guest blogger Casarah Chapman


I was anticipating the weekend to be the hardest part of the journey so far but to be honest it hasn't been too bad.

We went out for brunch and I was just more selective than normal, opting for water over my usual fruit juice and still sharing half my breakfast with Talulah.

Supermarket shopping has become easier as the week has gone on, my challenge was to do low sugar Mexican night for Saturday Family Dinner - I opted for using spices in the pantry rather than the easy to use brought flavour sachets for the mince and chicken. We paired them with a range of homemade salsas and guacamole. Rather than having mine on corn chips or in a wrap like the rest of the family I had a Mex-salad and was surprised at how delicious it all was!

It's becoming more apparent that this is more about being smarter at what you eat rather than limiting what you eat. The withdrawals I had yesterday seemed better today and my cravings have started to diminish. I think my body is finally starting to adjust!