Sugar Free 14- Written by guest blogger Casarah Chapman


Today I have been an irritable cow and I am putting it down to withdrawls. I swear black and blue I had the shakes this afternoon, I had a short temper and oh boy do I need that Friday night drink of relaxation.

Fridays are staff morning tea days… I know to expect a whole heap of sweet treats but today I couldn’t even go near it without the temptation pulling at me! A little depressing and added to the irritableness as I munched on my corn thin and watched everyone else enjoy chocolatey treats and sausage rolls.

I didn’t expect it to be smooth sailing all the way through and thought the first two days went ok.. but as the weekend dawns I am petrified. Mostly because we go out for brunch and have Mums birthday dinner… Am I not allowed cake? NO!

These two weeks will be what determines my lifestyle change and in the future the odd thin slice of cake wont kill me but for now I will have to turn away and block my ears as they devour their pieces. But I am only human… Can I do it?