Sugar Free 14- Written by guest blogger Casarah Chapman


This morning I made my daughter her usual bowl of instant oats… Then looked at the back to check that I could have my usual bowl too… 22g of sugar per 100g!!!

She was two mouthfuls in as I grabbed the bowl, threw it out and started making her eggs and toast through the screams of protest.

The decision to go sugar free and reduce the intake shouldn’t be just for myself but should filter through my family. I am sure she will have a far better day for it and not crash. This needs to be a lifestyle change for us all.

Day two seemed to be relatively easy, although someone at work offered me my favourite whittakers chocolate and when I told them I was going sugar free they asked why? For a split second I was almost embarrassed. Is it not socially acceptable? Are we perceived differently if we have dietary limitations/requirements? I know that I was uneducated about the perils of sugar and now my eyes are open I feel like I’m preaching it to everyone… And they roll their eyes in the back of their heads… If only they would look at what they are eating!

My afternoon crash was once again there, trying to push me to the dark side, testing my willpower. I have tried to combat it with a glass of homemade iced tea. Sweet enough to subside the cravings until it comes back after dinner.

I am expecting Friday to be hard… No Wine!!! (And I am already struggling without the wine!)