Sugar Free 14- Written by guest blogger Casarah Chapman


Here we are - two weeks later and we did it! YOU DID IT! I DID IT!

Its been a bit of a rollercoaster and I may have been a bit of a monster that first week but I am now walking away with a clearer vision of my healthy lifestyle and a world with less sugar. (Oh and eyes open to a world where sugar is hidden everywhere!!)

I intend to take the rules and guidelines given to us with me and continue to take my family through this life change as well.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed for us all is our quality of sleep. We are all sleeping deeper and waking feeling more energetic. The cravings have subsided dramatically and my body feels different. I lost a total of 3kg!

My mission now is to sustain a low sugar lifestyle and indulge in the odd treat on the weekends or glass of wine.. Because Ive seriously missed wine!

Time to start thinking about that summer body! Thank you for all the support and guidance the past two weeks Kali and Kelly and all the special events you have put on for us as a SF Community!

Cheers to a new lifestyle!

C xx