Sugar Free 14- Written by guest blogger Casarah Chapman


I love sugar. If what they say is true and that the addiction parts of the brain are triggered when you eat sugar then I am a true addict. My journey started out a year and a half ago after my daughter was born. I lost a total of 15kg for my sisters wedding and then I thought well I'd worked hard so I could have a break. That break lasted six months and resulted in a gain of 6kgs - all of which goes to my hips, thighs and arms. Not to mention the puffy face. When the Sugar Free 14 was advertised I thought that this may just be the push that I needed to get back into routine and normality. My vices are whittlers chocolate and wine. Almost daily.

This seems easy to just give up those two things but its the hidden sugar that has me blown away. Its all over my diet. I think this may be harder than I thought! Alongside the sugar reduction I am setting myself a sideline goal of upping my water intake.

Follow my journey over the next 14 days… See you on the other side!

Day One.

You would think that day one would have been the easiest to achieve, all fresh and motivated! The universe had other plans for me, whats a challenge without a road bump!

I went to bed feeling excited and determined and was rudely awoken by a screaming toddler at 1am, who didn’t stop screaming until 5am thanks to ear infections and four teeth coming through.

Im not a coffee drinker so usually on these days I would allow myself to indulge big energy drink to kick start the day with a pep in my step… But since signing up to Sugar Free and looking at the back at the contents I am staying well clear. (Even the zero sugar ones gave me the heebie jeebies!)

Fast forward through the rushed morning that is preschool/work prep and the mad dash out the door, through to lunch and my craving for sugar was at an all time high. I know that my struggle is going to be that afternoon slug - The crash from 1-3pm. I powered on through it and tried to combat the cravings with water… (DREAMER!) I even walked away from the chocolate treats in the staff room!

Here is a quick overview of my diet today… Not really that bad to be honest, or not as bad as I thought! I didn’t meet my goal for water consumption but tomorrow is a new day!

Breakfast - Protein shake - Powder/water mix
Morning Tea - corn thins with reduced salt peanut butter and a herbal tea
Lunch - Chicken strips and Pan fried cauliflower/brussel sprouts/garlic/mushrooms with a scoop of quinoa and lemon juice seasoning
Snack - Apple
Dinner - Chicken Salad with seasonal veggies

Not bad for day one, I wish I had got to the gym but family life got in the way!
Hope everyone else had a great start!

C x