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Success at the German Cup

Northern Arena Swim teachers Steve Kent and Laura Quilter have returned from an extremely successful German Cup with the New Zealand Surf Life Saving Team. 

The biggest competition of its kind outside of the World Championships saw Laura and Steve picking up medals and smashing records. 

Steve Kent (Coast Swim Club Coach) team set a new World record in winning the 4x50m Obstacle Relay, he claimed his second gold medal in the 200m Obstacle, a silver in the 100m Rescue Medley and a Bronze in the Mens super Lifesaver. Kent went on to being named the male competitor of the tournament after setting three New Zealand records. 

Laura Quilter was named runner up female of the tournament behind team mate Samantha Lee with a Gold and new World record in the Women's 50m Manikin Carry and a Silver and New Zealand record in the 100m Carry AND a Bronze in the 200m Obstacle.  

Congratulations to Steve and Laura for a very successful tournament.