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Kim's Success Story

Kim’s Success Story


Age: 41 - 50 Member since: End of Feb 2011 Goal: To complete the 110 km Auckland TelstraClear Challenge cycle event. Start Date: June 2011 Goal completion date: December 11th 2011


Getting back on the bike and lack of time to train.


In June 2011 Kim entered herself into the 110km Auckland TelstraClear Challenge cycle event.  The event was the first of its kind to ride over the Auckland Harbour Bridge in December 2011.  The biggest obstacles Kim faced were, getting back on her bike which she had not ridden for 18 months and not have enough time to do the 2-4 hour training rides needed for this sort of event.  “I didn’t have time to do the long, on-road training rides normally required.” Instead of the on-road riding Kim trained for the event by doing a minimum of 3 RPM classes per week at Northern Arena. “Doing 3-4 classes a week made all the difference” During the month leading up to the event Kim only did 3 on-road rides to ensure her bike set up was right. On December 11th 2011 Kim completed the 110 km challenge and crossed the line after 5.5 hours on the bike. That’s an average speed of 20 kph. “I was tired but happy! Thanks to RPM”

Post Goal summary:

Since completing the event Kim has continued to do 3-4 RPM sessions a week and entered the 100 km Fly in March (unfortunately her sister arriving from Australia scuppered those plans).  However, since riding the Auckland TelstraClear Challenge cycle event she has re ignited her passion for cycling and plans to enter many more events in and around Auckland. “The 45 minute RPM classes are so well designed that it is equivalent to 2 hours on a road bike.  And the resistance knob lets you simulate steep hill climbs very realistically."